Tip of the Week: Most Read Tips for 2016

Tip of the Week: Most Read Tips for 2016

18:59 28 December in Tip of the Week

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least. We’ve published our Weekly Tips with a lot of insightful articles that have been well received by our readers. Just in case you missed a few we’ve collected our top five articles per our reader’s interest by the number of clicks. Maybe some of the articles you’ve read already, but maybe you’ll find an article or two that you missed.

Enjoy our Top 5 Tips and have a Happy New Year!

Securing Special Events

Special events take many forms and are commonplace in today’s business environment. Awards ceremonies, trade shows, product launches, special sales and holiday events are examples of “special events” common to the business environment and security industry. These occasions are unique in many ways but share a common element in that they are irregularly scheduled and do not occur on a frequent basis. Read Full Article



Parking Lots and Personal Security
– Key Tips to Keep You Safe

The day was September 30, 1991 and I was working as an FBI Special Agent in Houston, Texas, when I heard the news through local law enforcement sources that an eyewitness reported a woman, returning to her parked car just outside a local mall, had forced her into her van and abducted by two unidentified males. Read Full Article


Effective Security Surveillance Systems

Many small businesses routinely utilize security surveillance cameras to protect their assets and deter criminals from theft and other nefarious acts. While cameras alone should not be considered adequate security, they can be an important component in a well-designed integrated security system. Read Full Article


Who Owns Neighborhood Security – You!

9 Tips to Help Make Your Neighborhood a More Secure Place. Neighborhood safety is a team effort, but it starts with YOU. Know your neighbors. You can do this without being too intrusive. Read Full Article


Active Shooter Situation

If you have not given thought to what actions you might take if confronted with an active shooter situation, you are unprepared leaving yourself vulnerable in the event of an attack. Your chances of survival are dramatically increased if you follow these 3 tips – “Run, Hide Fight.” Read Full Article


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