Tip of the Week: Repeal of Privacy Regulations for Internet Providers – How to protect yourself

Tip of the Week: Repeal of Privacy Regulations for Internet Providers – How to protect yourself

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Recently repealed privacy regulations have stripped away some controls placed on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) governing their use of your search information. Your internet browsing habits reveal your interests, topics researched, and virtually everything you do on the internet including when you do it. The removal of privacy regulations make it legal for ISPs to “monetize” this information and sell it to marketing companies. Advertisers can then market specific products directly to you as you browse the web.

Although annoying, discovery of your personal browsing habits are not critical. But consider if you are doing professional research on a confidential case for work. Leakage of such confidential information can have huge implications. Gathering that information is called competitive intelligence and can be used to great advantage by your competitors.

Following are 6 tips to help maintain your privacy and minimize “leakage” of your browsing habits:

1. Keep your computer operating system up to date and fully patched.
2. Be wary of any additional installed software, delete the programs you no longer use and regularly delete your trash bin. This helps reduce your potential attack surface.
3. Keep your browser updated. Also, routinely remove cookies and delete your use history.
4. Lock Down Your Browser. The Ultimate Guide to Secure your Online Browsing Today by Paul Cucu is a good tutorial on the specific steps needed to lock down your browser of choice.
5. Use a VPN. VPNs creates a secure, encrypted “tunnel” over the internet between your computer, smartphone or tablet and whatever website or app you are trying to access. They work across laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets – even a Smart TV. EFF has some great tips on VPN’s and other means of protection.
6. Use a Secure Browser. There is a new browser generating a lot of attention, Epic Browser. According to their website, they provide better protections than any browser extension or add-on can provide. They block the full gamut of programs used to identify and track specific browsers. Consider making the change.

These tips will help to secure your browsing habits and help keep confidential information confidential!

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