Tip of the Week: Simple Steps for Router Security in Your Home

Tip of the Week: Simple Steps for Router Security in Your Home

19:09 27 July in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week: Security Consulting

In most home networks, the router is your primary defense against hackers gaining access to all the internet-connected devices in your home. Unfortunately, many top brand Wi-Fi routers are easily hacked.

You should be concerned — set up your wi-fi properly.

Home routers use WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). This is wireless networking that makes connections between a router and a wireless device faster. It is protected by a seven-digit PIN and a final checksum digit. This PIN is found on the bottom of the router. The first four digits are one sequence and the next three another sequence. This is not a hard code for hackers to break.

We recommend you upgrade to a commercial grade router for better protection. Routers sold in chain stores or provided by your internet provider are not secure and are vulnerable to hackers. Avoid all consumer routers.

Purchase a router that allows turning Wi-Fi on and off. If the Wi-Fi is not on it cannot be hacked.

Change the network name or SSID from the default name from “Netgear” or Linksys”. Do not use a personal name. Use one that will not identify you.

Change the admin credentials from the default username and password. Instructions to do this will be in your router’s instruction manual.

Do not use cloud based router management. Turn that option off. Look for a mesh-style router that permits local administrative access. Mesh networks are not connected to the internet and are usually isolated.

Set up a guest Wi-Fi network for visitors. Some have options to set up a timer so it is only available for a limit time and you can control when it is on. Here’s a link to an article from Lifewire to walk you through the steps.

Disable remote administrative access and administrative access over Wi-Fi. This should only be connected via Ethernet.

Following these tips will give you peace of mind in knowing you are doing the best you can to secure your in-home network.

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